Mozyr Castle

The castle was built in Mozyr which is one of the oldest towns in the Belarusian Polesie in the 15th century. Walls and defensive towers surrounded a palace, residential and household buildings, St. Savior’s Church and the deepest well in Belarus which was erected in case of a longstanding siege of the castle. On three sides the castle hill was protected by the famous Pripyat River. Although Mozyr Castle withstood several raids, it was destroyed by the army of Hetman Janusz Radziwill in the 17th century… A resembling wooden castle which became a popular tourist sight of Mozyr was erected in the historical place in the 21st century. The castle has a museum which houses unique archeological artifacts and precious exhibits highlighting various periods of the town’s history. The new Transfiguration Church was built instead of ancient St. Savior’s Church. Nowadays Mozyr Castle hosts numerous festivals of ethnic and medieval music, costumed historical reenactments and knights tournaments, arts and crafts fairs and exhibitions of paintings.

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  • Крепость, Мозырь, Гомельская область, Беларусь
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