Zoloty Potik Castle

Zoloty Potik castle is an architectural landmark of Polish and Ukrainian national significance in Ternopil Oblast, Western Ukraine built under the Polish rule between the 16th and 17th centuries nearby the urban-type settlement of Zloty Potok (now Zolotyi Potik).


The Voivode of Bracław and a wealthy Polish nobleman Stefan Potocki and his spouse, Maria Amalia Mohylanka, funded the castle construction on the turn of 16 -17 centuries to the order of the Polish King Sigismund III Vasa. At the end of 18th century it was a residence of Jan Potocki’s family, who was the founderses son and its owner. Castle had been serving as his headquarter on the verge of Turk-Tatar inroad and following its destruction on September of 1676.

In 1672 Turkish-Tatar armed forces under command of sultan Mohamed IV captured the castle in the course of two days combat. Embattled troops gave up their positions.

On September 4 or 5th of 1676 Turkish-Tatar army commanded by Ibrahim Pasha ceased the castle exploding main bearing wall. Stronghold defenders all together with people sheltered inside fiercely resisted the assault and having been defeated in the aftermath were executed had their throats slashed. Castled was burnt, fringe and entrance towers sustained most of the damage.

Guardians of then under aged Stefan Aleksander Potocki, castle’s owner, partially restored the enceinte on having Turks retreated. Rebuilding completed on the brink of 18th century.

When the first subdivision of Poland occurs in 1772, Zloty Potok governing transitioned to Habsburg Austria. Around the year of 1840 therein castle owner, Olszewski, reconstructed the castle into the palace by design of Italian architect in the course of which part of the bulwark been destroyed and all the fine architectural details of masonry as baluster, baroque windows and doors trimming unscrupulously eradicated. On work having been completed, stone building appeared to be one story containing gin shop, Classic principal facade, and Victorian Gothic back yard and flank facades. Lime-trees were planted in the yard and some sculpture work installed. Walking into the enceinte one could find under the feet a bas-relief portrait of Polish poet and writer Adam Mickiewicz.

  • Золотий Потік. Замок. Південна вежа.(1625р.) / Zolotiy Potik. Castle-fortress. Southern tower. (1625)
  • Золотий потік - руїни замкового палацу, Zolotyi Potik - ruins of palace, Золотой Поток - руины дворца
  • Золотий потік - Західна башта замку, Zolotyi Potik - castle, Золотой Поток - башня замка, Potok Złoty - zamek
  • Zolotyi Potik
  • Zamek w Złotym Potoku / Zloty Potok castle
  • Золотий потік - замковий двір, Zolotyi Potik - castles yard, Золотой Поток - двор замка, Potok Złoty - zamek
  • Золотий Потік,замок Потоцьких
  • Золотий Потік,замок Потоцьких,в'язниця НКВС
  • Золотий Потік,замок Потоцьких
  • Золотий Потік,замок Потоцьких
  • Ruins of the Castle in Zolotyi Potik, Buchach district, Ternopil region, Ukraine
  • Золотий Потік,замок Потоцьких
  • Золотий Потік,замок Потоцьких
  • Золотий Потік,замок Потоцьких
  • Золотий Потік,замок Потоцьких
  • Золотий Потік,замок Потоцьких
  • Ruined castle in Zolotyi Potik