Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster

Tianluokeng Tulou cluster is tulou quintet cluster located at Fujian province, Zhangzhou City, Nanjing County, Shuyang Township, Tian Luo Keng Village (literally "Snail Pit" Village) in southern China, about four hours drive by motor coach or taxi from Xiamen, through winding and bumpy narrow mountain roads. It consists of five tulous with a square "Buyunlou" at the center, surrounded by three rotunda tulous and an oval tulou, forming a pattern of "four dishes and a soup". The five earth buildings at the Snail Pit village are:

The square Buyunlou at the center of the quincunx. It was the first tulou at this site, built in 1796. It is three storeys high, each storey has 26 rooms, four sets of stairs, and a go around corridor in front of the rooms at each level. The Buyun building was burnt down by bandits in 1936, rebuilt in 1953 according to the original plan.

The Hechang building, a three-storey-high round earth building,

Zhenchang building, three storeys, round shape, 26 rooms per storey, built in 1930.

Ruiyun building, built in 1936, three storeys, 26 rooms per floor.

The oval shape Wenchang building of 1966, three storeys, 32 rooms per floor.

  • 田螺坑土楼"四菜一汤"标准照
  • 南靖土楼 -- "四菜一汤"
  • 四菜一汤_南靖县田螺坑土楼群
  • 南靖土楼-扬子一乐
  • Điền Loa Khanh
  • Tianluokeng(田螺坑)Earth building,Nanjing,Fujian,China
  • 福建南靖田螺坑土楼
  • 南靖的“四菜一汤”
  • 客家土楼
  • 南靖土楼远景
  • 20110210-福建田螺坑土楼Tianluokeng Hakka Earth Building, Fujian
  • 田螺坑
  • 田螺坑-天上人间
  • 南靖土楼--扬子一乐


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    Nanxi Tulou Cluster (Yanxiang Lou)

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