The fourth mission in the World Heritage Site, the mission of Concepcion, was initially founded in 1699 by the Jesuit priests Fr. Francisco Lucas Caballero and Fr. Francisco Hervas. A nearby mission, San Ignacio de Boococas, was incorporated in 1708. The mission was moved three times: in 1707, 1708 and 1722. The mission was inhabited by the Chiquitanos, the largest tribe in the region. The mission church was constructed between 1752 and 1756, by Fr. Martin Schmid and Fr. Johann Messner. From 1975 to 1996 the mission was reconstructed as part of Hans Roth's restoration project.
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    San Jose de Chiquitos

    Founded in 1698 by the Jesuits Fr. Felipe Suarez and Fr. Dionosio Avila, the mission of San Jose de Chiquitos was the third mission built of those of the World Heritage Site.

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    San Miguel de Velasco

    The fifth mission in the World Heritage Site, that of San Miguel de Velasco, was established by the Jesuits Fr. Felipe Suarez and Fr. Francisco Hervás in 1721.

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    San Rafael de Velasco

    The mission of San Rafael de Velasco was the second mission built out of the six inscribed the World Heritage Site.

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    Santa Ana de Velasco

    The mission of Santa Ana de Velasco was the final World Heritage Site-inscribed mission to be established. It was founded by the Jesuit priest Fr. Julian Knogler in 1755. The original native inhabitants of the missions were the Covareca and Curuminaca tribes.